100 Days of School

Today was the 100th day of the academic year at my kids’ school.  All the grades observe this in some festive way.  The kindergarten — of which Tiny Beowulf is a member — celebrate by having every child make a poster for homework in the couple of weeks leading up to the 100th day upon which they must mount 100 items in some sort of grouping.  For example, the year my daughter was in kindergarten, she brought in a posterboard with ten groups of ten Disney princess stickers.  It was adorable, and she was proud of her work, and we were proud of her.

Well, Tiny Beowulf wasn’t interested in putting stickers on a posterboard  No, he had his own design concept in mind.  We went to the craft store to find supplies, and he picked out a red foam board.  Dark red, because that’s one of the colors he can reliably see with his particular cocktail of vision anomalies.  And when we got home, he asked for a black Sharpie — always a dangerous proposition — and drew a monster.

What were his 100 items, you might be asking?

Go ahead, try not to giggle with glee.  I dare you.
Go ahead, try not to giggle with glee. I dare you.

Googly eyes.  Yes, 100 googly eyes.  Ten on the monster’s face and ninety on the monster’s ninety eyestalks.

After pasting the ten eyes on the face itself, I suggested the monster should maybe have a nose and a mouth.

“Oh, good idea,” Tiny Beowulf said.  Then he meticulously drew a single dot for the nose and a short, upwardly-curving line for the mouth.  Seriously.  See if you can find them amidst all those eyeballs.

The best part?  (Other than the sheer incredible awesomeness, that is.)  No one is going to think Mom and Dad did his homework for him.  And that’s just the way we all like it.

A Delightful Little Project I’d Like To Undertake

I think I might ask for one of these for my front yard for Christmas.  Maybe Santa will bring me one.  I know my husband would be in favor of my culling our overburdened bookshelves of their volumes to make way for the new ones I’m constantly bringing in.

Little Library under the Oak

Here’s the story on this delightful little project.  Anyone want to do it with me?