This is a significantly condensed list of published works by Angélique Jamail.



*  Gypsies (collection first published 1998 — now out of print)

*  Barefoot on Marble:  Twenty Poems, 1995-2001 (collection first published 2003 — now out of print)

*  “The Idea of Late in the Year” (libretto written for composer Michael Slayton)

*  and over two dozen individual poems published in twenty journals or anthologies, including TimeSlice, Improbable Worlds, and The Milk of Female Kindness — An Anthology of Honest Motherhood



*  “Flaunt your spring hat at The St. Regis Hotel and The Serenitea Tea Room”  (Bayou City Magazine blog, April 30, 2014, — original title: “The Care and Keeping of Your Hat Requires Wearing It Out”

*  “Mama Spider’s Sacrifice” and “Yearning for Makeover: Jane Austen, Stacy and Clinton, and the Undaunted Nature of Writer’s Block” (The Milk of Female Kindness: An Anthology of Honest Motherhood, 1st released December 2013)

*  “The Case for Clinging to Tradition, Or Yeah, I was a Debutante, But It’s Not Like That”  (Pluck Magazine, september 29, 2011,

*  and several essays written for various industry magazines on the subject of dance




— illustrated print edition available on Amazon and CreateSpace

— ebook available in the following locations:

*  Amazon (in 12 countries)

*  Apple’s iBooks store

*  Baker & Taylor’s Blio

*  Barnes and Noble

*  Kobo

*  Oyster Books

*  Scribd

*  Smashwords

And here’s the Goodreads listing for Finis.



To purchase anthologies or journals containing individual poems and essays, please send an email to for more information.


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