This is a significantly condensed list of published works by Angélique Jamail.



*  Gypsies (collection first published 1998 — now out of print)

*  Barefoot on Marble:  Twenty Poems, 1995-2001 (collection first published 2003 — now out of print)

*  “The Idea of Late in the Year” (libretto written for composer Michael Slayton)

The Sharp Edges of Water (Odeon Press)

*  and over two dozen individual poems published in twenty journals or anthologies, including TimeSlice, Improbable Worlds, Waxwing, The Enchantment of the Ordinary, Untameable City, and The Milk of Female Kindness — An Anthology of Honest Motherhood



*  “Thoughts and Slayers: What We Do About Grendel, Our Oldest and Most Persistent Villain” (New Reader Magazine issue 3)

*  “Flaunt your spring hat at The St. Regis Hotel and The Serenitea Tea Room”  (Bayou City Magazine blog, April 30, 2014, — original title: “The Care and Keeping of Your Hat Requires Wearing It Out”

*  “Mama Spider’s Sacrifice” and “Yearning for Makeover: Jane Austen, Stacy and Clinton, and the Undaunted Nature of Writer’s Block” (The Milk of Female Kindness: An Anthology of Honest Motherhood, 1st released December 2013)

*  “The Case for Clinging to Tradition, Or Yeah, I was a Debutante, But It’s Not Like That”  (Pluck Magazine, september 29, 2011,

*  and several essays written for various industry magazines on the subject of dance



Finis. (Odeon Press)


To purchase anthologies or journals containing individual poems and essays, please send an email to for more information.

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