12 Days of Wintry Tunes That Won’t Make You Miserable (Day 10)

This is a delightfully dance-chaos remix of a standard I really like, in honor of Nerija, Sonic Chihuahua contributor and blogger well worth checking out, who recommended it to me.

I had previously known only the Dean Martin version of “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm,” and like most of what he did, it was Rat Pack Smarmy — in other words, entertaining at best and just tolerable most of the rest of the time. Deano always reminds me of my grandfather, who spent more of his time than strictly necessary singing for local audiences and generally being known as “Houston’s Dean Martin.” I loved my grandfather, despite his flaws, and we were close when I was young.

But my grandmother and I were a lot closer, and I miss her all the time. She passed away twenty years ago last week, and today I made lizzies, an unusually delicious fruitcake cookie she used to make for Christmas.

This video which features Kay Starr, today’s singer, will give you an idea of what my grandmother looked like in the 1940s, when she and my grandfather met and fell in love and married, while he was on leave from the war.

Enjoy this festive little moment with your favorite cookie.

12 Days of Wintry Tunes That Won’t Make You Miserable (Day 9)

So my post tonight is a little late because we were watching the new Matrix movie.

It was…umm…very…meta.

It’s like the people who made it decided they loved the other movies they made so much they were going to make yet another one that was in homage to the previous ones. I honestly can’t tell whether they were taking themselves seriously or not. I can say with certainty that the fourth movie is better than the third one, which we saw again last night. AND which we understood and could follow along better than when it first came out, but which is STILL very much the weakest link in this chain of movies. (When the third one first came out, I thought it was so bad it retroactively made the second one, which I had enjoyed, worse. But I digress.)

Tonight’s holiday earworm is fun and a little strange in that I can’t tell how seriously SheDaisy is taking themselves. I don’t know their work beyond the holidays songs of theirs I’ve heard. I first heard them a year ago with their somewhat mystifying rendition of “Jingle Bells.” Take from all of that what you will.

And enjoy!

12 Days of Wintry Tunes That Won’t Make You Miserable (Day 7)

I hope you’ve been enjoying — and had a chance to catch up on — these delightful holiday tunes I’ve been posting this year. Today we pick up again with Straight No Chaser, a perennial favorite of mine in part because my cousin’s husband is one of its members. (Wheee!)

Anyway, their version of “Mary, Did You Know?” is lovely and slow and just the thing on a day when one is sipping hot tea and recovering from a sinus infection (as I am). Cheers.


12 Days of Wintry Tunes That Won’t Make You Miserable (Day 6)

Okay, don’t judge, but I like the Jonas Brothers. I mean, a tiny bit. Since they got back together, at least. The songs I’ve heard played on the radio have been fun to listen to (though I admit I haven’t felt super motivated to seek out the tracks that haven’t been released in wider circulation).

And apparently they have a Christmas song out too? And it wasn’t a bad little bop at all. So here, share the festivity.

12 Days of Wintry Tunes That Won’t Make You Miserable (Day 1)

Hello! I know it’s been a little quiet on the blog here lately, especially in the earworms department, but wow there’s a lot going on in my IRL space. Mostly pretty good, but this was a ridonculously heavy-busy semester, and it’s finishing up on-brand.

Still, the Christmas music is in full force on the radio, and so I’ve once again donned the mantle of counterbalancing the same old tired jingles with Much Better Stuff. One might think it ironic that I begin this series every year with, in fact, the same song — but as I’ve said before, it’s an AMAZEBALLS song, and I will continue to do it until my life is not as hectic as the one described in it. Think of it, if you must, as a palate cleanser. One that’s really fun to bop around to and sing along with.

And if you want to refresh your playlist with past years’ holiday earworms, you can do so with these links:

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And now, without further ado, let’s get this wintertime dance party started!