For National Poetry Month 2014, I featured a different poet/poem nearly every day on this blog to celebrate poetry and the people who write it.  Click here to start the series with the April 1st posting (a poem by Fady Joudah), and then scroll forward to the next post to see each day’s lovely offering.  Thank you to all the wonderful poets who so generously shared their work with us here.

The Poet-A-Day series for 2015 begins here with a review of Joelle Biele’s Broom by Anna Leahy in a coincidence (in the sense of two things coinciding) with Women Writers Wednesday.

This post begins the 2016 celebration of National Poetry Month here on my blog with a Book Spine Poem by Harlan Howe.

Here’s the first Poem-A-Day post for National Poetry Month 2017: a rumination at the end of a long year by Paula Billups.

The first poem for the 2018 series, entitled “Saints Among Us,” is by Robin Reagler, who was my boss at Writers in the Schools back in the late 1990s and who is still one of the professionals I often think of when I imagine what it means to be an excellent manager.

Mary Oliver’s poem “Wild Geese” opens the 2019 series.

I used my own “Moss Wood Cento” to propose a collaborative game for the month and open the 2020 series.

I started the 2021 series with https://sapphostorque.com/2021/04/01/poem-a-day-2021-day-1-mary-oliver/Mary Oliver’s poem “Don’t Hesitate.”

Here’s the start of the 2022 series, where I’m mixing things up a bit.

Here begins the 2023 series.


Here’s a quick archive of my poems that have appeared here on this blog.

For the Cold Lovers (or, Survival of the Fittest)

A Hand-Drawn Card from the Girl Who Does Know Better But.

Sappho’s Torque (prose-poem)

Moving to Green Rain Island, Your Home

Prayer at Thanksgiving

March 2nd, 2003


Snack Haiku

Salem, Mass.

Lullaby for a Crying Child

Short Form Debrief: Tiny Beowulf

Finding Poetry (Casual Carpooler)

Early Autumn Haiku

Bleeding the Sky

A Rule-Breaking Poem for a Nail-Biting Vigil


Plan B

Moss Wood Cento

At the El Felix

A Brief and Envious History of Particle Physics



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