My jewelry design aesthetic strives for an Everyday Diva vibe. In fact, when I regularly made and sold jewelry, about fifteen years ago, that was the name of my brand.

Everyday Diva: Unique Jewelry for the Understated Divine.

Although I sometimes worked in patterns, I did not duplicate exactly my individual designs but made only one of each piece, so that each piece would be, more or less, one of a kind. I have always favored real gemstones and pearls and seashells, as well as sterling silver, but I’ve also worked with especially pretty art glass, cloisonné, Swarovski crystals, some other metals, and interesting pendants.

The pieces shown here on this page are available for sale. Leave a comment here or email me at [at] if you have questions or for price and availability.


necklace #1: mother-of-pearl (white, cream, orange), Coptic cross


necklace #3: iridescent agate pendant, white resin rondelles, blue glass, rose quartz


necklace #4: purple agate, pearl, sterling toggle (in front)


necklace #6: Swarovski crystal, snowflake obsidian, glass, pearl, metal Hand of Fatima pendant


necklace #7: mother-of-pearl, Swarovski crystal, abalone shell, glass — This piece is currently available as part of the Writespace Indiegogo fundraiser.


necklace #8: snowflake obsidian, agate, Swarovski crystal, resin goddess pendant


necklace #9: purple agate pendant, garnet


necklace #10: moonstone, garnet, labradorite, glass (3 strands)


necklace #11: glass, snowflake obsidian, hematite


necklace #13: red and green jaspers


necklace #14: black glass, silver-plated drums, Swarovski crystal


necklace #15: orange jade, green jade, amber resin pendant


necklace #16: garnet, baroque pearls, scroll tree pendant


bracelet #1: green and black glass, metal spirals — This piece is currently available as part of the Writespace Indiegogo fundraiser. 


choker #1: mother-of-pearl, red tiger’s eye, carnelian, resin and metal Mona Lisa pendant


choker #2: pastel glass, metal, floral clasp


choker #3: Swarovski crystal, glass, opalite