A Reason for the Silence and Some Things To Look Forward To

So, I began this year with full intentions of posting to this blog more often, and clearly that hasn’t happened. All I have to say for myself is that I’ve been busy writing and editing stories and poems. My latest collection of poems, PLAYING HOUSE, will hopefully be out later this year. I’ve begun a new (as yet untitled) novel. I’ll have another novel ready to go out on submission as soon as I do a little more clean-up editing. I have a short story set in the same world as FINIS. in the editing stage, too. Plus I haven’t quit my job teaching. So, yeah, it’s been a busy few months.

And I’m gearing up for DFWCon again, which happens in late April this year. This is one of my favorite conferences to go to. You might remember I wrote a piece on it for the WriteSpace blog a while back. It begins thus:



If you want to read the rest of that post — and of course, why wouldn’t you? (wink, wink) — click here. The full post has a lot more detail about the conference.

And if you want to attend this year’s DFWCon, which happens this year on April 23-24, click here or see the Eventbrite widget on the sidebar menu.


An article I’ve just had published…

Hello there! Today an article I wrote about DFWCon, a writers’ conference I’ve attended the last few years, was published on the WriteSpace blog. Check it out by clicking here.

DFWCon happens next year in late April, but WriteSpace is hosting their own writers’ conference here in Houston in February, and it will be unique because instead of focusing on agents, it will focus on journal and literary magazines. I’m looking forward to it!

Happy Thanksgiving.