Monday Earworm: U2

Aaaaaaaand we’re back to Monday Earworms.

Here’s one of my favorite U2 songs. I think it was one of the last songs I wrote a choreography to, a double veil for what used to be Eclectic Bellydance, but I never did have the chance to perform it. Ah well. Maybe if I ever come out of dancing retirement, I’ll relearn it. 

In the meantime, enjoy!

Monday Earworm: U2

I saw U2 live in concert a few years ago at the biggest stadium in Houston. Like, going in there was literally like walking inside of a hollowed-out little planet. It was my first time to see U2 live, and the thing that astounded me the most was how those four guys FILLED the place with sound. Just them, no backups. Pretty amazing.

This is one of my favorite of their songs.

In other news, I’m grading and working on report card comments. A lot. Peace out till all that’s over with.

12 Days of Christmas Music to Improve Your Playlist (Day 5)

School let out for the holidays today, and all afternoon it was like the entire city was out traveling the same four streets I needed. It took twice as long to get anywhere. Good thing I had my iPod in the car with me.

In honor of everyone and their dog headed out to visit people for the holidays, I’ll leave you this nice little U2 video to enjoy.