Monday Earworm: Sarah Vaughan

A Katz’s Deli (Katz’s Never Kloses) just opened up recently down the street from our house. We looked forward to it for the entire time it was being built and could not wait to walk down the block and a half for breakfast the weekend it opened. Fresh bagels! The best latkes! Blintzes filled with bliss! All the yummies!

And we have made Katz’s something of a habit…

This Sunday, with that delightful extra hour of sleep, we woke up early and walked down there again for breakfast. It wasn’t even 8:00 in the morning yet, and we were almost the first customers in the breakfast crowd. Frank Sinatra was playing over the speakers, and then the divine Sarah Vaughan came on with this number I hadn’t heard in far too long, and it’s been my earworm ever since.

Now it will be yours, too, perhaps. Enjoy.