Monday Earworm: Christina Perri

After a little break from blogging — because blogging more or less every day for thirty days doing Poem-A-Day is a lot of work, no matter how fun and lovely it is to do — I’m back with a Monday Eaworm. Expect things to be a little light around the blog the next couple-few of weeks as I finish out my semester, graduate my oldest, and get the next issue of Sonic Chihuahua out the door. (Woo-hoo times three!!)

But here is a song that I literally cannot drown out of my head today. (Not that I’m complaining. It’s a gorgeous song.) The video has a compelling aesthetic (in more ways than one) and a balletic savagery. Do enjoy.


Monday Earworm: Psychostick

This weekend my family went to California for our niece’s wedding. It was an absolutely marvelous whirlwind of a weekend, and we’re so happy we went! The wedding was beautiful, our kids got to hang out with cousins they haven’t seen in years, I’m delighted by how grown-up and capable our niece has become, and her new husband is really great. It’s been way too many years since we were out there, but we won’t let so much time pass before we go out there again.

Anyway, my earworm tonight comes from the trip, wherein my husband and Han found this Psychostick video after reminiscing about Tiny Beowulf’s spontaneous death metal version of “The Bear Went Over the Mountain” when he was four. (And no, he hadn’t seen it before then, he just came up with it on his own because he thought his voice was funny when he sang it that way.)

So finding this little Muppet parody happened on Friday afternoon. I kid you not, coming back through the airport in Houston at 2:00 this morning, they were still singing this song.

Allow my earworm to become your earworm. You’re welcome.

And also, I’m sorry. But it has to go somewhere. I cannot keep holding onto it by myself.

Enjoy. (Try. It makes it easier.)

Monday Earworm: KISS

Even though I haven’t heard this song in literal decades, it has been on the radio several times in the last week. Maybe because KISS is touring? At least, YouTube seems to think they are. I don’t know.

Look, KISS is, in some ways, a pretty entertaining band. They always have been. But the thing that really hits home right now is just how shocking they were during their heyday.

I mean, look at them. All that make-up. All that bravado. All that shock value. And underneath it all, arguably some well-made music that was fun to listen to. And people lost their minds over it — but not always in a good way. (If you saw the most recent season of Stranger Things, you have some idea of what inane nonsense I’m talking about.)

I look at this video now and think, *gigglesnort* that’s kind of goofy to look at but fun to dance to. But I remember when this was new and a lot of the grown-ups in my life were so unbelievably freaked out by this display that they thought it would literally destroy the fabric of society.

Now that’s something to laugh at.

On my most optimistic days, I envision a time when people can just be as different as they want without fear of narrow-mindedness bringing the hammer down on them. I choose to imagine a time when people can be as off-the-wall or as authentic (and sometimes those are the same thing) as they want to be without fear of dinosaurs staring at an asteroid persecuting them.

We are so not there yet, at least not where I live. But today I had an otherwise ordinary phone call with a complete stranger in a mundane bureaucracy who demonstrated the most excellent qualities that people are capable of, and wow, it was refreshing. It kind of made me want to dance. I will be paying that goodness forward.


Monday Earworm: Trombone Shorty

The very best opening act at a concert I’ve ever seen, hands down, is Trombone Shorty. He and his band Orleans Avenue opened for the Red Hot Chili Peppers here in Houston in January 2017, and that remains among the very best concerts I’ve ever attended. (And OMG there’s some significant competition for that honor. Seriously.)

I would highly recommend seeing Trombone Shorty whenever and wherever you get the opportunity to do so; they put on a tremendously high-energy live show. This track, which I’ve chosen because I’m currently experiencing a long weekend, is really quite mellow compared to my experience of them.

Do enjoy!