Witchy Earworm: INTO THE WOODS

Hello! We’re having a long weekend here, so my days are a little disorganized and I have a ton of work to do for school, and I’m therefore combining this (long) weekend’s Witchy Weekends post with today’s Monday Earworm. But you get two delightful items in one blog post, so that’s something, right?

Here are two of my favorite selections, sung primarily by The Witch, from the musical Into the Woods, written by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine.

Fun fact: I have only a handful of musicals on the list of musicals I like. Into the Woods used to be my favorite, until Hamilton came along, and now that one is my favorite, but ITW is still definitely on the list.

The first song is the Witch’s Rap from the first act, and the second one is “Your Fault / Last Midnight” from the second act. I love them both for how beautifully they convey the complicated multiple facets of The Witch — not only in this play, but also in the rich pageant of literature and literary archetypes. (Maybe more on that later. We’ll see.)

A lot of amazing people have played The Witch in this musical. I’ve included here the original, Bernadette Peters, who is an icon and a legend to be sure. But Meryl Streep, Vanessa Williams, Hannah Waddingham, and countless others have rocked this character onstage (and perhaps also in film?). Who is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below, and feel free to link to a video of your favorite performance, too!

And the second one…


Monday Earworm: Ed Sheeran

I don’t even really know what to say about this video. It’s…just bizarre. And not in an entirely compelling way, either, but it’s the Hallowe’en season, so we’ll allow it.

I like the song a lot, though, because I love to dance. And it did successfully eject the Hamilton soundtrack out of my head after I watched that musical last week with my Creative Writing classes and could not otherwise dislodge Miranda’s abject genius.

This is definitely something different from that.

Monday Earworm: Depeche Mode

I had mostly only known the instrumental version of this song until recently, and while I enjoy the slightly slower pace of that Dave Clarke acoustic version, I really like this original too. Enjoy!

Don’t forget, there’s still just a little time to weigh in on my poll for the October series. Thank you to everyone who already has done so, with your votes and/or comments!

And particularly if you’re on the Texas Gulf Coast, good luck this week.

Monday Earworm: The Killers

This song has been on constant loop the past week, so now you can deal with it, too. (It’s a bit of a torment, but also it’s actually one of my favorite Killers songs, to be honest.) It’s the kind of song that seems to inspire a wildly different interpretation from everyone who listens to it. What do you think?

In other news, there’s still time to weigh in on the survey I posted last week about the annual Witchy Weekends series here on the blog next month. Be sure to vote for your favorite!