Monday Earworm: Psychostick

This weekend my family went to California for our niece’s wedding. It was an absolutely marvelous whirlwind of a weekend, and we’re so happy we went! The wedding was beautiful, our kids got to hang out with cousins they haven’t seen in years, I’m delighted by how grown-up and capable our niece has become, and her new husband is really great. It’s been way too many years since we were out there, but we won’t let so much time pass before we go out there again.

Anyway, my earworm tonight comes from the trip, wherein my husband and Han found this Psychostick video after reminiscing about Tiny Beowulf’s spontaneous death metal version of “The Bear Went Over the Mountain” when he was four. (And no, he hadn’t seen it before then, he just came up with it on his own because he thought his voice was funny when he sang it that way.)

So finding this little Muppet parody happened on Friday afternoon. I kid you not, coming back through the airport in Houston at 2:00 this morning, they were still singing this song.

Allow my earworm to become your earworm. You’re welcome.

And also, I’m sorry. But it has to go somewhere. I cannot keep holding onto it by myself.

Enjoy. (Try. It makes it easier.)

Fashion Friday 7/19/13

Something cheery this week.

Near our front door we have a tiny pond with some ferns and shade-loving flowers and butterfly plants and a couple of rustic benches.  The whole area could use a redesign, but it’s been too busy a year for that, so maybe we’ll look into it over the winter when the weather is cooler.

We used to have turtles and fish living in the pond, and one spring we had thousands of tadpoles, too.  But then the turtles ate most of them, and so for the last several years we’ve had just two frogs.  They stay in this Continue reading “Fashion Friday 7/19/13”