Monday Earworm: Garbage (MOAR GARBAGE!!)

It’s been a wretched few weeks, hasn’t it? I don’t mean just the newsy bits, though those are definitely some 9th-circle nonsense with a bit of the 4th circle thrown in for toxic measure. For those of us in Texas, even beyond the reported ugliness, we’ve been dealing all month long with late-July/August type weather: extremely hot (more days with triple-digit temperatures than we usually have in a given summer) and no hint of rain. But at least we get near 100% humidity, so I guess there’s that, if you like living in a sauna. (I don’t.)

(We can debate about the reasons for all of this some other time — no, actually, there’s no need, because we know the reasons and they aren’t controversial, just disappointingly dumb.)

The drought here is bad enough in Houston that we might have to start watering the ground around the bases of our houses to avoid foundation cracks later this year. (That’s not a joke. This is a thing.)

But a few minutes ago, a thunderstorm started at my house. Not a lot of rain, nowhere near enough, but it’s something, there’s a promise of more, and I’ll take it. So here, have some Garbage. Enjoy.

Monady Earworm: The Cranberries

The Cranberries burst into my consciousness when I was in college. I loved Dolores O’Riordan’s gorgeous Irish accent and their moody music. This song in particular captured so much of what I was feeling and reeling from in my late teens and early twenties: the fallout that comes with being involved for too long with someone who leaves emotional destruction in his wake.

I love a lot of The Cranberries’ other songs, too, but every time this song comes on, I remember how gorgeous it is and how full of the feels. I’ve lived a lot and healed a lot since those earlier days, of course, and so this song doesn’t make me feel melancholy anymore. It’s just beautiful, and I like singing along with it.

I’m sharing two versions of it with you, both of them fabulous. The original video is pure ’90s MTV nostalgia, and the second isn’t really a video but has an acoustic version of the song that’s really nice. Enjoy.


Monday Earworm: Lana Del Rey

It is most emphatically summertime here in my fair city. School is out, at least for many of us. Temps in the mid-90s with a real-feel of over 100, and hurricane season is underway, even if the Texas Gulf Coast won’t likely see a ton of action for a while yet.

So here’s a sultry little swing for early June, courtesy of Lana Del Rey.

And in case you’re looking for some fun workshops to indulge in this month, I’m still teaching a few. My zine workshop (in-person) through Writespace starts Thursday. My one-night-only Daily Dose of Poetry kickstart is online Monday evening next week via Write About Now. And I’m doing a four-week poetry workshop online through Grackle & Grackle starting next Tuesday evening. (Let me know if you want some great discounts on the registration for that one.) All workshops will be generative in nature and will include feedback on your work. Click on those links to register for any and all!

Monday Earworm: Icona Pop

My school year ends on Friday this week. There’s still a lot of administrative stuff to do before then, lots of meetings, and a little bit of grading left…but still. After three weeks of nearly nonstop grading, I’m entering a liminal phase, transitioning from the school year to the summer (in which my full-time gig switches over to writing, and teaching takes a little bit of a backseat), and times like this always give me a boost of sleep-deprived delirious energy. This is how it sounds tonight. Enjoy.

Monday Earworm: Marcin (Yes, Again, Don’t @ Me)

Look, I have about eleventy kajillion papers to grade this week, a slush pile to finish scoring before the end of the month, and no small amount of angst over my fourth-circle-of-hell state (the geographical kind) right now. Plus, a bunch of my students are about to graduate, and I’m feeling both ecstatic for them and melancholy for myself over it. They are young people who have the capacity and preparation to do great things. So in their honor, here is a young person doing great things with a melancholy mood that makes me feel slightly ecstatic. Enjoy.

Monday Earworm: U2

Aaaaaaaand we’re back to Monday Earworms.

Here’s one of my favorite U2 songs. I think it was one of the last songs I wrote a choreography to, a double veil for what used to be Eclectic Bellydance, but I never did have the chance to perform it. Ah well. Maybe if I ever come out of dancing retirement, I’ll relearn it. 

In the meantime, enjoy!

Monday Earworm: Marcin

Not gonna lie, things have been hectic around here lately. Too many deadlines, the world is too much with us, my son got a little bit injured in a skiing accident last week (and has recovered, thankfully), and there’s just generally been not quite enough time to catch my breath. Last Monday I didn’t post an earworm because I was in the urgent care at the base of a snowy mountain and just frankly forgot. Life happens.

But it’s okay. This week’s earworm is amazing. And I have a lot more goodness to share with you over the coming weeks, so I’ll be working on that.

Have a lovely evening!