Monday Earworm: Broken Peach

This whole weekend Danny Elfman’s song “This Is Halloween” from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas has been going through my head, and when I searched for a video of it, I discovered this little gem. It’s freaky.


Monday Earworm: Suzanne Vega

In honor of its being Columbus Day here in the States — or rather, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, or even Columbus-Was-A-D-bag Day (I know, I know, tomato, tomahto) — I thought I’d post Suzanne Vega’s song “World Before Columbus” for today’s earworm. But seeing as how it contains some questionable lyrics, I’m instead going to post one of her other songs which I love. Enjoy!

And if you’re in Canada, Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you’re having a wonderful time. It’s probably snowing there, and I’m jealous. I have to admit, though, the idea of having Thanksgiving before Hallowe’en might just be a cultural bridge too far for me to handle. I guess I’ll keep living here for now, at least to see how the midterms pan out.

Wish us luck…

Monday Earworm: Ted Yoder

This little video contains something really amazing and lovely, the Tears for Fears hit “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” being played on hammered dulcimer. The best part is, you think it’s going to be one thing you think you know, because hammered dulcimer is nice and all, but you’ve heard this instrument often at Renaissance Festivals and such, and it’s okay, but…

Then this starts playing, and, well. I was taken aback.

Monday Earworm: David Bowie (Who Makes Everything Better)

I first became aware of this song in the movie A Knight’s Tale (which is great fun and uses this song marvelously), and even though I love this song so much I’d never sought out the video for it.

This music video is a touch surreal.

It’s also flavored with some 1930s-era gangster silliness, and I just finished reading the extremely not silly but very, very funny and entertaining Hallow Point by Ari Marmell, and so this is tonight’s earworm.

Hallow Point is A Mick Oberon Job, which means it’s part of a series of books set in Gangsterland Chicago, but the catch is that it’s also urban fantasy, see? Imagine Mick Oberon, this private detective, is also…well…an aes sidhe, an exile from the Seelie court. In the Mick Oberon world, there’s both the Chicago we know and the Otherworld, fae version. If you like your humor sharp and salty, your gangsters authentic, and your protagonists convincingly masquerading as humans much of the time, then you will probably enjoy Mick Oberon.

Just go get the book. In fact, start with the first one, Hot Lead, Cold Iron. I’ll wait.

And while you’re waiting on it to arrive, please enjoy this delightful song.

Monday Earworm: Steve Perry

So, last Monday night I went to the Journey and Def Leppard concert, and ZOMG IT WAS AWESOME! SO, SO, SO GOOD! I WANT TO GO BACK RIGHT NOW!!

I am still zinging from it.  🙂  And I wanted to do an earworm this week of one of my Def Leppard favorites, but honestly, their videos are just too creepy or too unintentionally funny, from this distance of about thirty-five years, to post them. Then I found one of Journey doing “Don’t Stop Believin'” IN HOUSTON from the 80s some time when Steve Perry was still with them. And not that I don’t think Arnel Pineda is fantastic — because I do — but Perry really is just such an incredible singer, and it was a decent video but couldn’t really capture the experience of a 21st century rock concert, which is such a multimedia extravaganza.

Ultimately I decided to go with this one, which honestly WAS stuck in my head for much of last week, can’t imagine why. Enjoy, while I continue trying desperately to gain something like traction in this new school year that is kicking me up one side and down the other already good grief I mean srsly enough is enough already oh look more papers to grade and lessons to plan and yet more meetings and administrative stuff to deal with holy cats okay bye.


Monday Earworm: Florence + The Machine (once more)

So the end of the dog days of summer is supposed to be August 21st, but seriously, last week was almost just as brutally hot here as the week before. Theoretically it’s supposed to ease up back into the double digits again this coming week.  *le sigh*  Let us hope.

Here’s a little Flo to get you moving. Even in the heat, this one makes me want to dance.