Fashion Friday 5/24/13

This week’s Fashion Friday installment comes from guest blogger Margo, the Stay-at-Home Economist.  Here’s the link to Margo’s post, which she put up on her own blog.  It’s all about her nearly-two-year-old son and his fashion sense and pre-nostalgia.  Really fun read.

Have a stylish weekend!

Fashion Friday 3/22/13

Today’s installment of Fashion Friday has been written by guest blogger Margo, my hat-wearing partner-in-crime and the Stay-at-Home Economist.  Her blog has tackled the enormity of the recent new health care legislation and explained it in very down-to-earth terms.  But aside from being incredibly smart and creative and motivated, she also has a penchant for girly-cute things.  Check out how she weathered the transition from Houston to Seattle.  (And here’s a clue:  I just made a pun.  Hee.)  Here’s the link.

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