Monday Earworm: Marcin (Yes, Again, Don’t @ Me)

Look, I have about eleventy kajillion papers to grade this week, a slush pile to finish scoring before the end of the month, and no small amount of angst over my fourth-circle-of-hell state (the geographical kind) right now. Plus, a bunch of my students are about to graduate, and I’m feeling both ecstatic for them and melancholy for myself over it. They are young people who have the capacity and preparation to do great things. So in their honor, here is a young person doing great things with a melancholy mood that makes me feel slightly ecstatic. Enjoy.

Monday Earworm: Marcin

Not gonna lie, things have been hectic around here lately. Too many deadlines, the world is too much with us, my son got a little bit injured in a skiing accident last week (and has recovered, thankfully), and there’s just generally been not quite enough time to catch my breath. Last Monday I didn’t post an earworm because I was in the urgent care at the base of a snowy mountain and just frankly forgot. Life happens.

But it’s okay. This week’s earworm is amazing. And I have a lot more goodness to share with you over the coming weeks, so I’ll be working on that.

Have a lovely evening!