Monday Earworm: Marcin

Not gonna lie, things have been hectic around here lately. Too many deadlines, the world is too much with us, my son got a little bit injured in a skiing accident last week (and has recovered, thankfully), and there’s just generally been not quite enough time to catch my breath. Last Monday I didn’t post an earworm because I was in the urgent care at the base of a snowy mountain and just frankly forgot. Life happens.

But it’s okay. This week’s earworm is amazing. And I have a lot more goodness to share with you over the coming weeks, so I’ll be working on that.

Have a lovely evening!

Monday Earworm: Trent Reznor (and friends)

I have now seen Thor: Ragnarok twice. My husband and I saw the first weekend it was out, and we took our kids to see it this weekend. Wow, it’s entertaining. But one of my favorite elements is the use of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song.” The two scenes in which this song is used are worth the price of admission all by themselves, but the movie is also really, genuinely funny.

It was a little hard to find a good video of Led Zeppelin doing this song. (I found one live version which I didn’t love.) But here’s a really good one from Trent Reznor which features Karen O and Atticus Ross.

Little fun fact, too: apparently Led Zeppelin is really stingy wth their songs, not letting very many people use them. It took the entire time of the movie’s production to get permission to use this song. And with the song’s lyrics being arguably all about vikings and laced with Norse mythology, it’s such a perfect fit. I’m not sure I could think of another song that would have worked better, especially for the scenes in which it was used. It was like they were choreographed to fit the song. (And maybe, optimistically, they were.)