DFWCon 2014 Debrief

At this year’s DFW Writers’ Conference, Donald Maass spoke eloquently about “the 21st Century Novel,” citing interesting statistics about what sustains a good long run on the NYT Bestseller List these days. The upshot is that books with staying power, books that last not just two or three or eight weeks on the list but which stay there for months and even years – the blockbuster books – are not just “commercial fiction,” and they’re not the hardcovers. The trade paperbacks, the literary fiction, are selling at blockbuster levels. And there’s an emerging label in the industry we should take note of: “literary/commercial fiction.”


Maass stated what many of us already know intuitively: there are two elements of literary fiction which make books of all genres a success, and those are Continue reading “DFWCon 2014 Debrief”