12 Days of Christmas Music To Knock Your Socks Off (Day 6)

This song is a little less traditional. I know it from the Barenaked Ladies Christmas music album, but I only just discovered tonight that it was from the soundtrack to one of the live-action Grinch movies, probably the one with Jim Carrey. I didn’t remember it from seeing the movie back in the day. Ah well. I like the song, at any rate, and since we’re currently experiencing a slight warming trend here in Houston (kind of a bummer, not gonna lie), we’re going with it.

12 Days of Christmas Music That Isn’t Awful (Day 10)

We’re on break over here, so it’s all about the kids.  This song has just the right amount of snark and cleverness to be funny, while still making everyone smile.  One of our old favorites over here, and every now and then we get to hear it on the radio, too.