12 Days of Earworm-Worthy Christmas Music

And this brings us to our last day of Christmas music this year. This is an artist I heard of only this past week, but I love some of what she’s got up on YouTube. And since it is, after all, I who am curating, we will be finishing up with a little Gothic carol.

I wish you all a joyous holiday season, and I’ll check back in with you in the new year, if not sooner.

All the best…

12 Days of Christmas Music to Improve Your Playlist (Day 6)

Here’s another Midnight Syndicate track for you today, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.” It’s a song I’ve always kind of enjoyed, and I really like what they’ve done with it. MS makes excellent background music, I think — though it’s also fun to focus on it while you’re listening — and this morning I’m back at work on my novel edits now that my semester is over. (And there was much rejoicing!)


Featured Poet: Mike Alexander

So while a bunch of the people around me are thinking about death and resurrection, and a bunch of the other people around me are thinking snide but funny thoughts about the undead, I thought I’d share this fun poem with you by Mike Alexander, because being raised Catholic and ending up Gothic means that I find this poem charming. It first appeared in the Magazine of Speculative Poetry.


What’s At Stake

First, there’s the boring wait on night to fall,
or light to fail — & light is more resilient
than one would think. Each dawn is like withdrawal.

Whoever said the dead move fast was brilliant;
that being said, it isn’t very often
they try to bring their habits up to speed
with what’s been going on outside the coffin.

Few night schools teach what nosferatu need.
Blood is the life, but still it tastes like death,
a greed that’s savored best in isolation,
a grief that clings like garlic to the breath.
Each kill is tantamount to escalation.

The jugulars we drain, night after night,
can never cleanse that first inhuman bite.


Mike Alexander ran the Mausoleum weekly poetry open mic for six of its ten year run. His book Retrograde came out in 2013, & his most recent chapbook was We Internet in Different Voices.