Fashion Friday 3/15/13

Today’s installment of Fashion Friday has been written by guest blogger Laine over at you do doodle too.  She’s a dedicated rêveuse and otherwise just a wonderful human being in every way.  Her blog is fun to read, but she’s a little nervous about expanding her audience.  Let’s give her a nice welcome, shall we?

Here’s the link to her guest post today, which she’s published on her own blog as well.  In it, she discusses how to turn an ordinary item that so many of us need into an actual fashion accessory and her recent mild tribulations in trying to do so.

Here's a photo of Laine's jewelry stand.  Hint:  the accessory she's written about isn't on here.
Here’s a photo of Laine’s jewelry stand. Hint: the accessory she’s written about isn’t on here.

Feel free to browse around some of her other posts as well, particularly some of her book reviews and other goodies under the “mind” category of her archives.  If you enjoyed my review of the Twilight situation, you will probably also enjoy her response to it.

Until next time…  🙂