Monday Earworm: Ed Sheeran

I don’t even really know what to say about this video. It’s…just bizarre. And not in an entirely compelling way, either, but it’s the Hallowe’en season, so we’ll allow it.

I like the song a lot, though, because I love to dance. And it did successfully eject the Hamilton soundtrack out of my head after I watched that musical last week with my Creative Writing classes and could not otherwise dislodge Miranda’s abject genius.

This is definitely something different from that.

Monday Earworm: Ed Sheeran

No, no, hear me out.

I’m not a huge fan of Ed Sheeran’s work in general. I admit that I know only what gets played on the radio, and I admit also that I find some of his songs catchy and fun to sing along with in the car or exercise class.

However, I’m in no way a fan of hook-up culture, which I dislike with an intensity that one might fairly describe as rabid. This prevents me from enjoying his work too much.

This video of him singing “Wild Mountain Thyme,” though, kind of classes up his career more than a little.

(Even if one could argue that he’s still singing, at least a little, about the same old thing. But whatever.)

I was reminded of this Scottish folk song, which I rather like, yesterday during the closing conversations of the Moss Wood Retreat, an excellent writing retreat I attended last week and which I will give you more details about soon. (So stay tuned.)

In the meantime, do enjoy this.