12 Days of Seasonal Earworms Worthy of Your Love (Day 6)

Part of why I’m irritated by Houston’s Official Christmas Music Station is because they only very rarely veer away from their traditional and limited playlist. It’s just the same “safe” stuff over and over again. Every year some current music stars will drop new holiday songs — or rehash old ones, sometimes in a slightly new way — and I really appreciate the new stuff being added to the pop music canon when that happens. Sometimes I really like those songs.

I might be one of only four people in the world who actually likes “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey. Sure, I first encountered the song in the movie Love, Actually, so that probably made a difference. And I equally love the hilariously creepy minor-key version by Chris Holfelder.

But here’s another fun and bouncy singalong by Mariah Carey, featuring divas Jennifer Hudson and Ariana Grande, which I really like for its upbeat cheerfulness. Enjoy!