Monday Earworm: Aretha Franklin

Unless you’ve been on a news blackout for several days — and I get it, why wouldn’t you want to be? — you’ll have heard about the sad passing of the Queen of Soul. Yes, Aretha Franklin died last week, and the world is now somewhat bereft of her glorious talent and immense contributions to arts and culture. It may or may not be well known that she and her family were influential during the Civil Rights Era as well. You can click here for an excellent tribute to her.

So of course this week’s earworm would have to be Aretha. But which song? So many would work so well; I just couldn’t decide. Should I go with “Freeway of Love,” which was the song that allowed me (then a child) to fully connect who she was with her impressive previous work? How about “Respect” or “Think,” anthems most people who know her music will connect with her immediately? What about her performance of “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman” at the Kennedy Center — yeah, that one almost won out. So powerful. There were too many good choices, and I could spend another hour watching videos of her online, but I have to make a choice.

So here you go. Enjoy it, and rest in peace, Queen of Soul.