Monday Earworm: Annie Lennox (Yes, more Annie!)

After yesterday’s Witchy Weekends post (the final one for this year), I began looking around for another Annie Lennox video to share with you, because she’s just so fabulous and has had such an undeservedly underrated career. I thought about the 2004 Oscars performance of “Into the West” and the 2012 London Olympics performance of “Little Bird,” both of which are powerful in their own different ways, but instead I’m going with something more whimsical, her video for “Walking on Broken Glass,” which apparently co-stars Hugh Laurie and John Malkovich, as well as some stunning costumes and sets. That feels about perfect for Hallowe’en festivities. Enjoy!

Witchy Weekends: Annie Lennox

Okay, so since last weekend we had an early earworm of Frank Sinatra, I’m going to offer a counterpoint to his song (and my commentary on it) that just takes what society and culture give and runs with it.

And wow, Annie Lennox is really amazing, isn’t she? I love her. Her rendition of this song is one of the most soulful I’ve ever heard.