12 Days of Seasonal Songs to Soothe Your Soul (Day 10)

Houston’s Christmas Music Station has started playing their regular rotation again as of yesterday, but with holiday songs still sprinkled in. So here’s another Christmas song from me, too!

Jonathan Coulton is, frankly, an inspiration. He decided he wanted to make his career in music and so wrote a song a week, then posted it, built a following, and transitioned from his old job (that he apparently didn’t love) to a career in music. That kind of creative stamina is something I wish I could even imagine on a practical level, to say nothing of achieve. (To be clear, there’s a lot about my “day job” I like and wouldn’t want to give up. But the ability to create so much is just astounding to me, and feels therefore aspirational.) I also find his quirky, clever sense of humor really satisfying.

This song was from one of his Thing A Week albums. Enjoy!

12 Days of Seasonal Songs to Soothe Your Soul (Day 7)

It’s the winter solstice here in the northern hemisphere. Happy Yule to everyone celebrating it!

It can be challenging to find Yule carols that aren’t just remakes of well-known Christmas carols, but this original song is quite lovely and captures the comfortable wintry cold of the season nicely, for those who like that sort of thing. (And I rather do, perhaps because I’ve never had to actually live in a snowy climate rather than just visit it for a week or so. Or so suggests my husband, who is from Maine.)

Anyway, enjoy this additional festival of lights, added to a season filled with them.


12 Days of Seasonal Songs to Soothe Your Soul (Day 1)

I’ve often said that I would always begin my 12 Days of Holiday Music series with this song only if life was too hectic for a reasonable person to have to deal with on a regular basis, and well. I intended to start this series two days ago, if that tells you anything. But we are off to the races, and I have a lot of really good tunes for you this year! So do enjoy…