Who is Angélique Jamail?

“Someone, I say, shall remember us in the future…”  (Sappho)

Angélique Jamail is a writer, artist, and teacher living in the Houston area.

photo by Lauren Volness

Lebanese-American author Angélique Jamail’s poetry and essays have appeared in over two dozen anthologies and journals, including New Reader Magazine, Waxwing, Time-Slice, Improbable Worlds, Pluck Magazine, The Milk of Female Kindness––An Anthology of Honest Motherhood, Untameable City: Poems on the Nature of Houston, Femmeliterate, Bayou City Magazine, and The Enchantment of the Ordinary. Her work was selected as a Finalist for the New Letters Prize in Poetry in 2011. Her magic realism novelette Finis. (Odeon Press), first published in 2014, has been praised by fiction writer Ari Marmell as having “some of the most real people I’ve encountered via text in a long time,” and by poet Marie Marshall as “a witty tale of conformity, prejudice, and transformation, in a world that is disturbing as much for its familiarity as for its strangeness.” Her poetry collection The Sharp Edges of Water (Odeon Press) came out in 2018. She teaches Creative Writing and English in Houston.

Her current in-progress projects include a new collection of poems, PLAYING HOUSE; a novel, FOREST OF DIAMONDS; a novella, FARCE MACABRE, which continues the series of FINIS.; an as yet untitled collection of essays; and another novel as yet untitled and still in the drafting stage.

You can follow her on Twitter:  @AngeliqueJamail

(She promises to post something very brief and worthwhile now and then.)

Visit her page on Facebook by clicking here.

She enjoys hearing from her readers and is available for book club and school visits, either in person or via video chat. Leave a comment here or send an email to forest [dot] of [dot] diamonds [at] gmail [dot] com for more information or to schedule an author appearance.


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19 thoughts on “Who is Angélique Jamail?

  1. Thank you once again for stopping my blog and giving me motivation to start the Stress and Time management section 🙂 WOW you are an author! I am so happy to have found your blog! I love to read so this will be heaven for someone like me 🙂 I wanted to write, actually I used to all the way up to my teens but my mother hated the idea of writing so she always yelled at me….I am glad you are pursuing your dreams 🙂


    1. You should do it, too. My parents were absolutely dumbfounded by my choice to write creatively rather than to teach business letter literacy to corporate executives, largely because of the pay, but hey, oh well. I’m happier now — no matter how desperately that other niche needed to be filled!


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