National Poetry Month 2023: Day 16

As promised yesterday, a poem by me that I’m reminded of when I read Melissa’s.


The first time the understanding hit                                      
me that stars do not go away                                                 
in the daytime sky, that
their light is only blinded out
by the sun,

.                         the sky dissolved from
blue to yellow to white,
                        the glass sphere of my
world shattered into a million glittering

                                                    and later,
when all summer’s heat focused into
the smallest, searing punctures
above the dusk-darkened trees,

a glowing crescent was already moving
across the sky, hanging in the balance.


This poem has appeared in multiple anthologies, including A Fire to Light Our Tongues: Texas Writers on Spirituality (2022). It first appeared on the PoetrySuperHighway (2001).

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