Long-Delayed Earworm: Lana Del Rey

So you might have noticed the unfortunate dearth of Monday Earworms lately. Sorry about that. Mondays are challenging because they’re heavy workload days for me. And frankly, at this point in the semester, every day is packed. But here’s an earworm that’s been rattling around in my head a lot.

Also, if you’re in Houston — and maybe in other cities, too — you might have noticed that a certain radio station has been playing Christmas music for about four weeks now, give or take a few days. And it’s all the same tired shlock they always play. Never fear, I’m curating a fabulous 12 Days of Holiday Music for you, coming up soon.

That’s why this will be the last earworm you get from me until then, because I’ll be starting the 12 Days series up in about a week or so, give or take a few days.

Back to grading…

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