Happy Hallowe’en!

It has been *quite* the busy October around here, all the way up until…well, it’s still busy. So I’m closing out Witchy Weekends this year with some lovely pictures from Pumpkin Nights in Austin. If you ever get the chance to go see it there or in Dallas, which I think also has a Pumpkin Nights festival, do. It’s worth it!

The festival has vendors and food booths and a Haunted Bus (which we didn’t go into), and there are also giant inflatables to take your picture with and a fire spinning show (which was truly excellent). The main attraction, though, is the pumpkin trail itself, which goes through a wooded area and is light up in various colors. Each section of the trail has a different theme, and the scenes are carved from pumpkins (most of them artificial sculptures, so there’s not an overwhelming pumpkin smell!).

You’ll see photos here of a gnome village and a giant dragonfly and an underwater scene, but there was so much more, like the giant moon in the first “room” we encountered. (I don’t have more pictures because I tend not to take many most of the time. I just wander around experiencing things in real-time and forget to capture the moment. Ah well. I’m sure there’s a way to manage a better mix of experience and photo. I’ll keep trying.)

And here is one of Han as Dream from The Sandman, in a homemade costume which includes a 3D-printed helm my husband printed and which Han painted.

Happy Hallowe’en, everyone!

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