Monday Earworm: Garbage (MOAR GARBAGE!!)

It’s been a wretched few weeks, hasn’t it? I don’t mean just the newsy bits, though those are definitely some 9th-circle nonsense with a bit of the 4th circle thrown in for toxic measure. For those of us in Texas, even beyond the reported ugliness, we’ve been dealing all month long with late-July/August type weather: extremely hot (more days with triple-digit temperatures than we usually have in a given summer) and no hint of rain. But at least we get near 100% humidity, so I guess there’s that, if you like living in a sauna. (I don’t.)

(We can debate about the reasons for all of this some other time — no, actually, there’s no need, because we know the reasons and they aren’t controversial, just disappointingly dumb.)

The drought here is bad enough in Houston that we might have to start watering the ground around the bases of our houses to avoid foundation cracks later this year. (That’s not a joke. This is a thing.)

But a few minutes ago, a thunderstorm started at my house. Not a lot of rain, nowhere near enough, but it’s something, there’s a promise of more, and I’ll take it. So here, have some Garbage. Enjoy.

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