Monady Earworm: The Cranberries

The Cranberries burst into my consciousness when I was in college. I loved Dolores O’Riordan’s gorgeous Irish accent and their moody music. This song in particular captured so much of what I was feeling and reeling from in my late teens and early twenties: the fallout that comes with being involved for too long with someone who leaves emotional destruction in his wake.

I love a lot of The Cranberries’ other songs, too, but every time this song comes on, I remember how gorgeous it is and how full of the feels. I’ve lived a lot and healed a lot since those earlier days, of course, and so this song doesn’t make me feel melancholy anymore. It’s just beautiful, and I like singing along with it.

I’m sharing two versions of it with you, both of them fabulous. The original video is pure ’90s MTV nostalgia, and the second isn’t really a video but has an acoustic version of the song that’s really nice. Enjoy.


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