Monday Earworm: Blondie

Fittingly, I rediscovered this song (“re” meaning in my current era, not the original era of this song) in the Before Times when I used to go to Panera very early on Saturday mornings to write with some of my writer friends. Now, the ones who usually joined me all live in other cities and I write from home, sometimes with them over Zoom or Hangouts. But the idea of dreaming, ambition-style, was deeply ensconced in what got me out of bed and out of the house that early on a weekend.

Tomorrow is the first day of a new month, a new lunar year, my year, Year of the Tiger. My dream is managing to finish the current novel WIP this calendar year. My ancillary dream is to put pages on paper for that WIP every day this coming month. Let’s see how that shakes out, shall we?

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