Monday Earworm: Depeche Mode

I had mostly only known the instrumental version of this song until recently, and while I enjoy the slightly slower pace of that Dave Clarke acoustic version, I really like this original too. Enjoy!

Don’t forget, there’s still just a little time to weigh in on my poll for the October series. Thank you to everyone who already has done so, with your votes and/or comments!

And particularly if you’re on the Texas Gulf Coast, good luck this week.

3 thoughts on “Monday Earworm: Depeche Mode

    1. I’m excited about it, too, actually. I didn’t like the 3rd movie at all and thought it actually retroactively damaged the 2nd one (which I had enjoyed a lot). The trailer for #4 looks good, though.

      Fun fact: Watching the first movie 20 years later with my kids hits REAL different, especially considering the intense epidemic of gun violence in this country over the last couple of decades. :/

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