September Poll Plans For October

Hello! Welcome to September. I don’t know about you, but I’m desperately happy it’s not August, The Official Worst Month Of The Year In Texas. This September is admittedly not ideal, but we’re going to press on forward, onward and upward, and fake it till we make it around here.

One of the things I really love about September is its proximity to October, which actually is my favorite month! (Or one of them. Or probably my actual favorite. I mean, October is just grand.)

And October on the blog means the triumphant return of Witchy Weekends, one of the seasonal celebrations we do around here. This series has taken on a variety of forms over the years, and this time I’m in a bit of a quandary deciding what to feature. There are just so many options!

So I thought I’d pose the question to you, dear readers: what would you enjoy seeing here on the blog this October? Please let me know in this totally informal and unscientific poll, and feel free to expound upon your opinions in the comments section. I will take your preferences into account.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


13 thoughts on “September Poll Plans For October

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  3. Bonnie

    Spells! But only for people who don’t believe in magic. For example, I will make up one now.
    Stand tall (a golden line connects the crown of your head to a star) facing the darkest spot of your surroundings.
    Tap your pinkie and thumb together three times. Place your pinkie and thumb across the bridge of your nose and hold them there for 14 breaths. Place your pinkie into your third eye for one breath. Say your own name five times aloud. Wink as appropriate. You have made a circle of self love and what you dream is easier to divine.

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