Monday Earworm: Journey

So the song that has been played on the radio nearly every time I’ve gotten into the car over the past couple of weeks is catchy and fun to dance to but probably not one whose video I should post here on the blog. This other one, however, caught my attention today, and it is truly lovely. In fact, I liked the song so much that I made it my first non-classical piece to learn on the piano, back when I was still playing regularly, once I had the freedom to choose what I wanted to learn how to play.

This video footage is from a Journey concert here in Houston back in 1981. (I was not at the concert, alas; that was a couple of years before I started attending big stadium rock concerts.) This show was at The Summit, one of the best venues for rock concerts and live sports our fair city has ever had. It’s something else now, but I can assure you rock concerts and Rockets games are the finest, purest things ever to happen in that building.

I read an interview of Steve Perry once that noted his voice was the closest thing to opera that rock music ever had, and listening to this song, it’s not hard to believe that. Have a good week.

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