My Newsletter Is Migrating…

Authors these days have to manage a lot of platforms. Like, a LOT. And periodically it’s a good idea to evaluate all of them to see what’s serving us well and what could maybe be improved — or maybe needs to be pruned.

I’ve been doing that this summer. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and this blog are all working out well for me. My newsletter…is an albatross. I’ve been using Mailchimp and don’t love it. The time-consuming and somewhat non-intuitive (at least for me) process of creating a newsletter means I don’t do it every month, so it’s not super-effective. Engagement there is low, unlike on this blog and the rest of my social media, where it’s much better! So I just sent out my last newsletter with Mailchimp today. (At least, the last for now. Never say never on resurrecting something in the future. But for now, don’t look for it to happen.)

Instead, I now intend to make all my announcements in detail here on the blog, though you will still see nods to them on my other social media. My hope is that everyone who was getting the newsletter will now migrate here to Sappho’s Torque. I’m also intending to devote the time and energy I would have spent working on (or fretting about) the newsletter into making this blog even better, so here’s to the best of intentions.  😉

In case you want to see that last newsletter, here you go. Just click this link to see the Authorland missive.

Onward and upward!

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