Poem-A-Day 2021, Day 12: Robin Reagler

I always love featuring the poetry of my friends, and Robin Reagler is someone whom I appreciate very much. She’s a kind person, smart and reasonable and even-keeled in my experience, and sometimes I find that reading her poetry feels comfortable, inviting. Just like she always was when I was working at Writers in the Schools back in the day, when she was their director.

And sometimes that comfort comes in gently askew, as in today’s poem. Either way, I feel a sense of calm.

Enjoy “Hangnail,” which is from her new collection Into The The, just recently released from Backlash Press.


12:17 A.M. I subject my toenails to a little
stopgap analysis. Conclusions reached?
On earth you matter. Sure
the circumstances change
but you’re with us or you’re against us.
I have my own little aphorism:
On earth the circumstances alter.
One day it will go like this:
A penniless boy will arrive very late.
If you have the question, you have the question.
Go ahead, take my place.
Step into the garden.


Robin Reagler just published INTO THE THE, winner of the Best Book Prize from Backlash Press. For over 20 years, she led Writers in the Schools (WITS). You can order her books or find out where she’s performing next on her website www.robinreagler.com

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