My Vaccine Experience

Let me start off by saying how grateful I am to be vaccinated against Covid-19, because wow, I am. Working in-person the last six months has been stressful. But we’re making it happen, because reasons.

I was able to get the Pfizer vaccine and didn’t even have to travel farther than the next little town over to get it. I’ve had both doses now and wanted to report back on my side effects experience. Hopefully any of you who might still be on the fence about whether you want to get this vaccine might take some encouragement from how this went down for me. (And frankly, for the vast majority of people I know who have gotten it, as well, since my side effects are not anecdotally unusual in any way.)

Both doses I got were on Saturdays in the waning afternoon, three weeks apart. And in both cases, I totally didn’t feel the shot going into my arm. I am very pro-vax and even get my flu shot every year, but I really don’t love the way it feels when I get poked with a needle. With the Covid vaccine, though, this wasn’t a problem. I didn’t even feel the first one and could barely feel the second one. Neither of them hurt going in at all.

The first one, I had a little soreness in my arm at the injection site by the time I went to bed that evening, and I woke up with arm pain (the usual injection nuisance fare) on Sunday. That arm pain lasted the rest of the day and evening, and Sunday night I had a bit of a headache, but not enough of one that it prevented me from watching TV and having a normal evening. Monday morning I woke up right as rain.

The second one, I had no arm pain until I woke up Sunday morning. I was also slightly congested and had the whisper of a sinus headache thinking about forming. I took some Tylenol, and the arm pain and headache went away. I took some Flonase and got into a hot shower and the congestion was a memory. But I was really fatigued. The whole day, in fact, my energy level waxed and waned and never got very ambitious. By the time I went to bed my arm was a little bit sore again. Monday morning I woke up feeling just fine, but then about an hour or two into my work day I wanted a nap. I was tired all day. Then I was really tired again all Tuesday. I’m talking, barely able to stay awake during the slower parts of my classes and totally unmotivated to do any actual work during my planning periods. One of those days, I had a little nap after school, though I don’t remember which. Wednesday morning I decided to have some caffeinated tea, and I was all right throughout the school day, but still pretty fatigued in the evening. I had a little joint pain at some point during the middle of the week, briefly, in my wrist and hips. Thursday all that seemed to be generally done.

And that was it! WAY better than having an actual illness, wouldn’t you say?

If you get the chance to take the vaccine and don’t have an allergy or condition that would prevent you from having it, I hope you’ll get it. The only way to manage this pandemic requires us to take this responsibility. I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to eating in restaurants and having parties again!

Have a good one.

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