Monday Earworm: King Missile

My first year of college, my friends and I listened to a bunch of unusual music, entertaining stuff with a skewed sense of humor. We had dunked ourselves well and truly into the alternative-music waters of the era. One night, my friend AJ convinced me to join him and a few others at the student center for a King Missile concert. I was not super familiar with their music, but the concert was quite memorable and a lot of fun. (Of course, I would probably have enjoyed whatever they put up on the stage that night after the opening act, which was Monks of Doom — a band I’d never heard of before and absolutely the weirdest and most incomprehensible concert set I’d ever seen.)

Here’s one of King Missile’s songs, “Pickaxe,” which was a hit at the time. This really odd sense of humor was definitely their brand.

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