Monday Earworm: U2

I saw U2 live in concert a few years ago at the biggest stadium in Houston. Like, going in there was literally like walking inside of a hollowed-out little planet. It was my first time to see U2 live, and the thing that astounded me the most was how those four guys FILLED the place with sound. Just them, no backups. Pretty amazing.

This is one of my favorite of their songs.

In other news, I’m grading and working on report card comments. A lot. Peace out till all that’s over with.

2 thoughts on “Monday Earworm: U2

  1. Nice! I’ve seen them in concert twice. Once in OKC and the other time at the Cotton Bowl. Massive crowds, massive sets, it’s a rock experience I’m not sure we’ll see much of anymore. I ended up getting the complete U2 catalog with a special edition iPod and I think it might’ve been a bit overkill. There’s every variation, every mix of every U2 song ever recorded. Kind of makes shuffling my library difficult because every other song is one of theirs…

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    1. Huh, that does sound like a lot. 😉

      I love those stadium concerts, though. I’ve seen U2 only that once and enjoyed it (though the opening band was really bad), but other bands I’ve seen more often and loved even more were Red Hot Chili Peppers (seriously one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended), Depeche Mode (four times and counting), Journey/DefLeppard (would do that one again in a heartbeat!).

      If those kind of shows disappear, I can also be happy just watching Ani diFranco forever. Wow, she puts on an amazing performance. So so so talented an artist!


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