12 Days of Seasonal Earworms Worthy of Your Love (Day 7)

“Carol of the Bells” is one of my favorite holiday songs, and there are very few versions of it I’ve ever heard that I didn’t love. Well, that one with the big choir singing where they’ve changed all the lyrics to be super religious and Jesusy is one I can live without, even though I’ve been a very spiritual person all my life. There really wasn’t anything wrong with the Gothic and sacred version we already had, if you ask me. (And I recognize no one did.)

This one by Mannheim Steamroller is largely instrumental and combines the massive orchestral sounds and electronica they’ve come to be known for. Fun fact, their Christmas album is apparently the best-selling Christmas album ever.

Anyway, here’s a little over-the-top to get your weekend going. If you’re like me, that means finishing up gift shopping (online, of course), grading papers, doing a little writing, and napping with the cats next to the Christmas tree. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “12 Days of Seasonal Earworms Worthy of Your Love (Day 7)

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