10 thoughts on “I’m Still Here…

      1. We’re on Tier 3 lockdown and I’m working from home. Things don’t seem to be slowing down – the area still seems to get 40 to 90 new cases per day. How about where you are?


      2. I wish I were still working from home, but I’m back on-campus, where we have a new big group of students going into quarantine every week. We’ve had 30 confirmed cases on campus in the last 3 months, since we reopened. In our city, which has one of the largest and best medical centers in the world, our ICU is at 100% capacity. Our city’s test positivity rate is around 10%. We have high community spread coupled with a bunch of “health freedom activists” who don’t believe in wearing masks or that the pandemic is entirely real or at all serious. We also have a mayor and a county judge whose safety mandates and restrictions have been slashed and hamstrung by our state government for going above and beyond the milquetoast policies our Trump-loving state government allowed into place: the governor effectively put the kibosh on city or county guidelines that were stricter than theirs by making them illegal. Also, in other news, all of this is stupid.

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