November Book Chat With Kara

Last month my friend Kara and I got together virtually to discuss some witchy books we liked, in honor of Hallowe’en, and it was so much fun we’ve decided to keep doing it!

Today we had another one, this time about books we loved and are excited to recommend in three different categories: books with non-human creatures who are very human, books outside our comfort zones, and books with strong female protagonists.

We hope you have had a wonderful holiday, if you’re celebrating Thanksgiving (which is quite a big deal here in the US), and that you’re otherwise having a splendid November, regardless of whatever celebrations may or may not be going on where you are.

Monday Earworm: Kinkaid Orchestra

Hey there. This week’s earworm is a video of the student orchestra at the high school where I teach doing “Bittersweet Symphony.” On Zoom. They’re pretty great!

In not-entirely-unrelated news, Houston’s Official Christmas Music Station started playing Christmas music this year on NOVEMBER 8TH. I mean, it might have been earlier, but that was the first I heard it, and I don’t think they were doing it the night before, though I could be wrong. I will not be listening to that until the day after Thanksgiving.

BUT this reminds me that my annual 12 Days of Holiday Earworms (or whatever I decide to call it this year) will be coming up in a few weeks, so if you want to send me any suggestions for this year’s list — because I still have a few spots left to fill — drop them in the comments please.


Just a Reminder…

If you’re in the market this weekend to buy some books, either for yourself or to get a jump on holiday gift-giving, consider supporting my school’s libraries with their annual Book Fair, because this year it’s all online!

You can find three of my titles there, in the Special Guests and Community Authors section:
* Finis. (Animal Affinities Book 1)
* Homecoming (Animal Affinities Book 2)
* The Sharp Edges of Water (poetry)

There are also hundreds of other books for all ages and interests, as well as some of the other non-book things you often find in bookstores (calendars, etc.).

But hurry, since Book Fair ends tomorrow. And thank you!

Ways to Support Authors (and Other Artists and Makers)

I’m often asked what ways we can support the authors whose work we admire. Such a good question! Buying their books is the obvious answer, but there are actually a lot of ways to do it other than that. I think some of the items on the list below also work for other creators and artists, too. Remember, the more we support the makers of things we like, the more of those things those people can make!

Which of the following fun actions have you taken lately? Which could you reasonably undertake now? Drop us a line in the comments and tell us about it, and if you have other ideas, pile on! We’d love to know about them.


Request their book at your local library.

Review their book on any and all bookselling and book review sites.

Follow the author on social media and share their posts.

Take a selfie with their book and share it on social media.

Attend the author’s events.

Suggest their book for your book club.

Recommend the author as a speaker or workshop leader.

Tell your friends about the book.

Include the book in a blog post or list of your favorites.

Nominate their book for an award.

Ask your local bookstore and library to stock the book.

Support the author’s other projects, including pre-ordering their next book.

Add a copy of their book to your local Little Free Library.

Buy their book as a gift for someone.

Authors everywhere thank you!

Monday Earworm: Etta James

Happy Monday. Enjoy this lovely song by a groundbreaking woman.

Also, if you’d like to help support the libraries at the preK-12 school where I teach, this week we’re having our annual Book Fair, and this year it’s all online. Three of my titles are available there, too! Look in the “Special Guest and Community Authors” section, and you’ll find Finis., Homecoming, and The Sharp Edges of Water there for sale. You can buy my books and support both our libraries and me as an author, plus pick up some books that make excellent holiday gifts or treats for yourself. Win-win-win! I hope you’ll consider it. The Book Fair is up only for this week, a limited engagement. And in case you click through for a look and some shopping, thank you so much!