Rest In Power, Chadwick Boseman

At the end of an already fairly grotesque week, the news that Chadwick Boseman has died at such a tragically young age hurts. To think he was struggling for so long with one of the most pernicious of diseases, cancer, without the public’s knowing of his physical pain and sacrifice, just goes to show how desperately important he and his work were to the world and just how ardently he honored our need for him.

Spend a few minutes watching this lovely tribute. All of the messages are so good.

Rest in power, king.

3 thoughts on “Rest In Power, Chadwick Boseman

  1. ‘Black Panther’:
    I never liked the movie. I thought it was Hollypropation of the worst order – Hollywood trying to prove itself “woke” without actually tackling institutional racialism. I watched as much of the movie as I could stomach, but dropped out as soon as the stereotypical ‘African’ and ‘tribal’ rituals – challenging the Chief to single combat etc.etc.etc. which we’ve seen a hundred times before – reared their ugly heads…

    Chadwick Boseman:
    Great guy. All the time in the world for him. So sad he’s gone. What a fucking awful year 2020 is!


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