Monday Earworm: Beck

You know, every time I hear another Beck song, I think about how much I love so much of his work. It’s such a great mix of mellow and dance, perfect house party music, and quite a few of his songs that were big hits when I was in college hold fun memories for me.

Enjoy this wake-you-up-easy track on a Monday morning when I am, as it turns out, heading into a day full of meetings, because the school year has officially begun. But I promise I’ll be back later this week or next with some fabulous news as soon as I can reasonably share it, so stay tuned.

Until then…

2 thoughts on “Monday Earworm: Beck

  1. Oh man, this is one of those songs that has sunk into my subconscious — I feel like it’s been there since forever and I never actually knew the name until recently. Other songs in this category include “Mais Que Nada” and “Magalenha” (both of which I was delighted to find on my Wii Zumba games).

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