Monday Earworm: Erasure (Again)

I’m neck-deep in grading papers as I give this school year last one last push to end it. (I’d post a picture of my grading stack but everything is online now, so bleecchhh. That takes me three times as long to get it done.)

Please fill in your own commentary on today’s earworm below.

No, seriously. I’m really curious what you think of this video.

6 thoughts on “Monday Earworm: Erasure (Again)

  1. castorplace

    I love your blog and the poems and ear worms. The Erasure takes me back to my high school days. I like the music and I like the video because of the unapologetic reference to Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. They didn’t pull any punches, either. The babies dressed up as oysters was the perfect touch.

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