Poem-A-Day: Susan Scheid

This is the week during lockdown when I find myself celebrating every little sliver of good news as if I had won the lottery. Not the big megamillions, but at least a pretty good scratch-off ticket. I’m trying to curb the impulse to share with most people any good news because I’m sure that gets annoying. (I’m told it doesn’t, but something possibly cracked inside of me isn’t sure it’s safe to believe that.) Regardless, I’m saving up some good stuff for my next newsletter, but I’ll mention it on the blog here too after Poem-A-Day exeunts for another eleven months.

Tonight on the blog we have this lovely poem by Mutabilis Press poet Susan Scheid that also celebrates something arguably beyond its worth — but the poem, on the other hand, is certainly worth your enjoyment.


Praise Song for Ants

Praise the tiny black ants.
Praise their resilience
to be knocked down, drowned out,
killed, trampled, worn to nothing
and then to bloom again.
Praise the ants who insist on finding a way inside
through hairline crack or gaping crevice. Praise their
strength, their fortitude in finding
that last crumb of bread or the sticky
syrup of fruit juice on the floor. Praise
their skill at moving every part and parcel
of a nest when a pitchfork upends them
in spring. Praise the teamwork of
carrying six times their weight over
and over again while seeking shelter.
Praise their ability to disappear and
reappear so quickly. Praise their queen
in her fertility and the workers in
their loyalty. Praise their multitudes, their pathways,
their ant mounds, their single-mindedness.
Praise their force of nature for showing
me time and again how little
of this world belongs to me.


Go to this month’s first Poem-A-Day to learn how to participate in a game as part of this year’s series. You can have just a little involvement or go all the way and write a cento. I hope you’ll join in!


Susan Scheid lives in Washington, DC, but has strong ties to Texas. Susan’s husband of 27 years was raised in Arlington, Texas, and went to school in Austin, where extended family currently lives. She has worked for 27 years at a high profile law firm based in Houston. Susan is the author of After Enchantment. Her poetry has appeared in Truth to Power, Beltway Quarterly, Little Patuxent Review, The Sligo Journal, Silver Birch Press, Tidal Basin Review, the chapbook anthology Poetic Art, and other journals. Susan serves on the Board of Directors for Split This Rock.

4 thoughts on “Poem-A-Day: Susan Scheid

  1. David

    Is Susan Scheid the author of an anonymous poem that begins “I won’t Arise now and go to Innisfree”? Someone has asked me if I know the author!
    Best wishes


      1. DAVID

        Thanks, Angelique
        Initiative came through York Poetry Society, England. Members were asked if they could identify the author – which led me to you.
        Poem is below.
        Best wishes!
        A Brief Pageant of English Verse

        I won’t Arise now and go to Innisfree,
        I’ll sanitize the door knob and make a cup of tea.
        I won’t Go down to the Sea again; I won’t go out at all,
        I’ll Wander lonely as a Cloud, from kitchen to the hall.
        There’s a Green eyed Yellow Monster to the north of Katmandu,
        But I shan’t be seeing him just yet, and nor , I think, will you.
        While the Dawn comes up like Thunder on the Road to Mandalay
        I’ll make my bit of supper, and eat it off a tray.
        I shall not Speed My Bonnie Boat across the Sea to Skye,
        Or Take the Rolling English road from Birmingham to Rye.
        About the Woodland , just right now , I am not free to go
        To see the “KEEP OUT” posters or the Cherry hung with Snow.
        And , no, I won’t be travelling much, Within the Realms of Gold
        Or get me to Milford Haven , all that’s been put on hold.
        Give me your hands , I shan’t request, albeit we are friends
        Nor come within a mile of you until this trial ends

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