Monday Earworm: Taylor Swift

I don’t always love all of Taylor Swift’s music, but I do like a lot of it, and her newest single is just mahvelous.



And just for fun — if you’re like me and think analysis is fun — check out this explanation of most of the Easter eggs in the video. Are there any that they missed? I can think of one; if you can too, leave it in the comments!

Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Monday Earworm: Taylor Swift

  1. Cindy Clayton

    There was no mention of Ryan Reynolds’ homage to Norman Rockwell’s “Triple Self Portrait,” which is evident from his wardrobe to his pose to the red chair holding the Stonewall Inn reference photos.

    I thought this was one of the most fun Easter eggs in the whole video . . . but then, I’m probably twice the age of the person who did the Easter egg explainer. 😉


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