Monday Earworm: Eric Carmen

Over the weekend we started watching the third season of Stranger Things. I love this show; the writing and acting have always been so good. I’m not a fan of horror myself, so this show is definitely the creepiest thing I’ve ever willingly watched on television.

I admit, though, the first episode of S3 felt a little transitional to me, but maybe that’s because the incredible friendship dynamic that feels to me like the foundation of these characters wasn’t solid in episode 1. Adolescence is rough stuff. This is not a show I binge-watch (I almost never binge-watch anything), so I’m hoping things will get better. Please, no spoilers.

But anyway, the 80s are on my mind — 80s music in particular — and this song is now stuck in my head. The video for it is so cringe-worthy, it becomes almost funny while still making me feel a little embarrassed for having gone through that decade in the first place. And now I’m inviting you to share my hilariously melodramatic misery.

What’s your favorite amusing cringey moment from this video? Tell us in the comments!



2 thoughts on “Monday Earworm: Eric Carmen

  1. Well, here’s my take on Season 3 when I was only about three episodes in:

    I’ve now watched the whole box set, right down to the credits at the end of the last episode (and you MUST watch right to the end of those credits). Season 3 is a blast. The Duffer Brothers have ramped up the humour, realising that simply more Upside-Downery wasn’t going to carry it all the way. But what is it about kid-based adventures that works so well? I don’t have time for an essay, but in the case of ‘Stranger Things’ it helps that so many TV-watchers must have been in their tweens and teens in the 80s.

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    1. Thanks for posting the link. 🙂 I’ll check it out when I get to 3 episodes in, too. Right now we’re moving quickly through the Downton Abbey series with our kids, who have become serious fans.

      It sounds like the Duffer Bros. have their wits about them, at least, if thats what’s going on.

      I think there are many reasons why kid-centered adventures resonate. Maybe a lot of us like to imagine we were so brave and energetic and agencied as children? Perhaps these characters are an antidote to so many we see today who can’t look up from their phones or other screens long enough to eat dinner? (Yes, I’m generalizing, and yes, I know they’re not all like that, but the premise of the question generalizes, too, and not necessarily in a bad way.)

      Another thing is that so many of us fell in love with stories when we were children, and then the stories we consumed were probably largely about other kids. There might be a sense of nostalgia pulling at us there. Fairy tales are part of our DNA.

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