Monday Earworm: Steve Perry

So, last Monday night I went to the Journey and Def Leppard concert, and ZOMG IT WAS AWESOME! SO, SO, SO GOOD! I WANT TO GO BACK RIGHT NOW!!

I am still zinging from it.  🙂  And I wanted to do an earworm this week of one of my Def Leppard favorites, but honestly, their videos are just too creepy or too unintentionally funny, from this distance of about thirty-five years, to post them. Then I found one of Journey doing “Don’t Stop Believin'” IN HOUSTON from the 80s some time when Steve Perry was still with them. And not that I don’t think Arnel Pineda is fantastic — because I do — but Perry really is just such an incredible singer, and it was a decent video but couldn’t really capture the experience of a 21st century rock concert, which is such a multimedia extravaganza.

Ultimately I decided to go with this one, which honestly WAS stuck in my head for much of last week, can’t imagine why. Enjoy, while I continue trying desperately to gain something like traction in this new school year that is kicking me up one side and down the other already good grief I mean srsly enough is enough already oh look more papers to grade and lessons to plan and yet more meetings and administrative stuff to deal with holy cats okay bye.


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