Poem-A-Day: Book Spine Poetry

My posting today is quite late because tonight I took my AP Gothic Lit. students on a field trip: a ghost tour.

Yes, it was just as interesting as it sounds. No, I was not the tour guide. Yes, there was a lot of history. No, no one ended up possessed. Yes, I did get some really cool pictures of orbs.

In honor of tonight’s generally harmless spookiness, I’m posting a book spine poem from this past year’s Hallowe’en mantel. Ever since my husband built me one a few years ago, I have taken great joy in decorating my mantel for the holidays. The Hallowe’en mantel is, so far, my most elaborate. Because the mantel is in our library (which is another way of saying the-room-which-most-people-would-call-a-living-room-but-we-didn’t-put-the-television-in-there-and-instead-lined-the-walls-with-bookshelves-and-then-filled-them-with-our-books), I always make book spine poems as part of it.

If you’ve never seen a book spine poem, you’re in for a treat. These are a special kind of found poem that should become immediately obvious as soon as you see one.

Please feel free to make your own book spine poems and post pictures of them here in the comments section. That would, in fact, make my day!


lost / in the land of men / lonely werewolf girl / one hundred years of solitude

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