Monday Earworm: Billy Joel

This might be the perfect rock song.

Now that I have a standing desk for my computer at work — and now that this particular song has been stuck in my head for a few days — I’ve been playing this video every morning while I check my email. And dance. The dancing is key. It improves my whole day because it starts my work day off well, with a happy transition in the morning from music to productivity.

Plus, when my colleagues come by and see me dancing, it cracks them up and puts them in a good mood, too.

But why, I can hear you asking, is this the “perfect” rock song?

The music has a ton of energy. Enough to make you want to dance. In fact, try not to, and if you are successful, check your pulse.

The lyrics have very little repetition, and what repetition is there has been cleverly tweaked to demonstrate astute form (such as in poetic anaphora) or else is used to bring the theme of the song full-circle. The lyrics are also meaningful — and not misogynistic. Billy Joel fills up almost all the space in the song with those meaningful, optimistic lyrics. The song acknowledges the imperfection of life while still offering enthusiasm for the future.

And there’s still room for some fun guitar work between the verses, so people who believe that a rock song can’t exist without a guitar solo still get to check off that box.

The song is just the right length: playable on the radio but not so fleeting that you feel cheated. And it’s just the right amount of time for an early-morning dance break at work.

The video is also just really fun to watch. How could you go wrong here?

What’s your favorite get-up-and-get-moving song? Tell us in the comments!


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